April 01, 2010

What is “The Dance Times”?

With a plenty of love for dance, here we open the online magazine of Japanese dance review “The Dance Times”. 

Unlike other kinds of arts, such as literature, picture, movies, etc, dance is live.  It cannot be consisted without audience.  At the very moment that audience sees the performance, the work comes into being, and to the next moment, the work is gone.  It just remains only in the audience’ memory.  Recorded image of dance on videotape or DVD is totally different from the live performance because the recorded image cannot fully convey the atmosphere of the performance which audience attended. 

We think that only the witness of audience can transmit the fruit of dance performance to coming generations. Even if it’s incomplete, we can feel the “air” of the live performance.  Dance critics use the words to hand over the meaning of claps, applause, and booing of audience, breathing of the performer, etc. to the future. 

In “The Dance Times”, we write up to date review of dance performance which appears one after another at the theaters in Japan. 

Please enjoy visiting our website, and reading our dance reviews! 

Thank you. 

Director: Hakudai YAMANO

Vice-director: Naomi INATA

Writers: Emiko ANDO, Yuh MORIMOTO, Sakiko NAKANO,

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