August 01, 2019

Our Picks for August 2019

[BalletContemporary Dance] Ferri, Bolle and Friends” / July 31 - Aug. 3 (Program A), Aug. 3-4 (Program B), Bunkyo Civic Hall

[Musical] Nissei Theatre Family Festival “One Stormy Night” / Aug. 3-5, Nissei Theatre


[Nichibu] ‟ Hanagata Meisaku Buyo Kanshokai (Star and Masterpiece Traditional Japanese Dance Performance) " /Aug.3, National Theatre , Tokyo (Small Theatre)


[BalletContemporary Dance] YOKOHAMA Ballet Festival 2019” /  Aug. 3, Kanagawa Kenmin Hall


[BalletContemporary Dance] Miyako Yoshida GalaLast Dance/ Aug.7,8, New National Theatre, Tokyo (Opera Palace)


[MusicContemporary Dance] Program A Ray Camoy”, Program B “Cammille” / Aug 9-12, Spiral Hall


[Ballet] Agency for Cultural Affairs, Japan Ballet AssociationAll Japan Ballet Festival/ Aug.10,12, New National Theatre, Tokyo (Opera Palace)


[Ballet] Yamato City Ballet Summer Concert 2019/ Aug. 16, SiRiUS, the cultural creation base of Yamato City (Main Hall)


[Contemporary danceButoh] Agency for Cultural Affairs, Contemporary Dance Association of Japan, Dance Festival 2019/ Aug. 23, Mielparque Hall

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